“Rural Foods India”, as the name suggests, the concept is to promote the rural food culture of India which is carried forward by the rural women. In doing so we empower rural women entrepreneurs through Rural Women’s Self Help Groups (Mahila Bachat Gat) by offering them a point of sale in Mumbai, the City of Dreams.

We are a business with social responsibility. Every product you buy empowers a Rural Women’s SHG.

Each district of Maharashtra has some special food variety or produce. We source such special products from each district directly from the producers (farmers or Rural Women Self Help Groups) and make them available in the city. Thus authentic products from rural place of origin can reach the customers.

We specially choose products which are organic, chemical free, hand made and therefore healthy.  However, it is our sincere effort to make such exclusive products available to our customers at a reasonable price and within the budget of common man. We believe that  healthy and natural food is a fundamental right of our customers.

We are proud to announce that we are the first Authorised MILAP Store, an initiative by MSRLM, State of Maharashtra and FICCI to market and sell the exclusive products of the Rural Women’s Self Help Groups.

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